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How to Create

New Account for Tee Time system

To Create a New Account Click link Below, Then Login at Top Right Corner 

Follow These Tips:

  1. For New Accounts using a PC/Computer click on Sign Up for Free

  2. For New Accounts Using a Cell Phone Click on Register 

Link - Click Here 



For New Account Assistance, Follow Videos Below to Learn how to Register


After New Account Registration - Verify for Online Resident's Pass for City of Houston City Limits residents. Follow these Tips Below



  • After you registered for a New Account, Click Here and Follow the steps on How To Verify as Resident (Purchase Online Residents Pass)

  • Once you have read Steps on How To Verify Residency with, Click On Link (Click Here) to Login and Follow Steps to Verify for Online Residents Pass. The Pass will be Good for One year from Date of Purchase.   

Note: If you are a Non-Resident Click here to Book a Tee Time and Login.

  • Once Online Resident Pass has been Purchased, Click on Reservations To Book your Tee Time. (Select Correct Booking Channel) 

How to Register on (PC or Mac)

How to Register on (Cell Phone)

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